Transfer Degree: AAOT in Elementary Education

Elementary Education AAOT Degree

Minimum 90 credits. Students must also meet Associate Degree Comprehensive Requirements and Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer Requirements.  Students should consult with program advisors for course planning.

Note that this degree may not be advisable for students who have already accumulated credits which will not apply to the requirements listed below; other pathways for Elementary Education transfer may be a better fit.  See an advisor for more information.

Completion of the AAOT-Elementary Education will satisfy:

  • All lower division general education requirements of baccalaureate degree programs of any Oregon Public University
  • Selected lower division requirements for the following majors/schools:
    • Eastern Oregon University: Elementary Education
    • Oregon State University: Clinically Based Elementary Education Option
    • Oregon State University-Cascades: Elementary Education
    • Southern Oregon University: Education Studies
    • University of Oregon: Educational Foundations
    • Western Oregon University: Education, Early Childhood/Elementary Teaching Preparation or Elementary/Middle Level Teaching Preparation
ART 115Basic Design: 2D Foundations4
or ART 116 Basic Design: Color Foundations
or ART 117 Basic Design: 3D Foundations
or ART 119 Basic Design: 4D Foundations
or ART 131A Drawing I
ATH 103Introduction to Cultural Anthropology4
or GEO 106 World Regional Geography
COMM 111 Z4
ED 209 13
or ED 210
or ED 214 Practicum: Outdoor School
or ED 270 Practicum I
or ED 271 Practicum II
or ED 272 Practicum III
ED 224Foundations of Education 13
ED 251Overview of Exceptional Learners 13
or ED 269 Introduction to Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities
ED 258Multicultural Education: Principles 13
or ED 259 Multicultural Education: Applications
ENG 104Introduction to Literature (Fiction)4
or ENG 105 Introduction to Literature (Plays)
or ENG 106 Introduction to Literature (Poetry)
G 147Geology of the National Parks of the United States4
or G 148 Volcanoes and Earthquakes
or G 201 Earth Materials and Tectonics
or G 202 Earth Surface Processes
or G 203 Evolution of Planet Earth
or GS 106 Physical Science (Geology)
HEC 226Child Development 14
HST 201History of the United States to 18404
or HST 202 History of the United States 1840-1914
or HST 203 History of the United States 1914 to Present
MTH 211Foundations of Elementary Math I 14
MTH 212Foundations of Elementary Math II 14
MTH 213Foundations of Elementary Math III 14
PS 201U.S. Government4
or PS 202 U.S. Public Policy & Democracy
PSY 201AIntroduction to Psychology - Part 14
or PSY 202A Introduction to Psychology - Part 2
WR 121 Z4
WR 122 Z4
General Education: 1 Arts and Letters course
General Education: 1 Lab Science course in Biology (BI 101 recommended)
General Education: 1 Lab Science course
Health/Wellness/Fitness: Any course or combination of courses that meets the AAOT requirement
Electives: Variable credits as needed to reach minimum of 90; any course that meets the AAOT elective requirements may be taken.
Total Credits90

Course must be completed for a letter grade.  Course completed for a grade of "P" cannot be applied to this degree.


This course is part of Oregon Common Course Numbering. COMM 111H and COMM 111HZ are equivalent. WR 121 and WR 121Z are equivalent. WR 122 and WR 122Z are equivalent.