Employment Skills Training

Career and Program Description

This in an individualized certificate program designed to provide maximum flexibility for short-term educational opportunities targeted at specific occupational goals. The purpose of this program is to enable individuals to obtain employment, upgrade current workplace skills, maintain employment, and increase employability. A minimum of 12 credits and a maximum of 44 and must be completed within 2 years.

Less than One-Year Certificate

Employment Skills Training

Academic Prerequisites

  • Prerequisite requirements for each employment skills training certificate are determined by the career technical department.
  • Submission of an Employment Skills Training (EST) application is required and follows the interview with faculty.

Academic Requirements

  • All PCC college-level courses are eligible to be included in the certificate. Developmental or basic education courses may not be included as part of the certificate.

Non-Academic Prerequisites

  • An interview with an advisor or a faculty member in the career technical department is required to determine the individual’s career goals as they relate to employability and coursework.

Non-Academic Requirements

  • “Next steps” for continuing the educational process will be discussed and reviewed by the student, the faculty advisor, and possibly the employer.