Degree, Certificate, and Course Overview

Portland Community College operates on the quarter system. The PCC Catalog is published and dated with each academic year, which begins fall term and ends with the next summer term.

To earn an associate's degree or a certificate, students must meet the requirements in the catalog that is current when they earn their first credit(s) at PCC, unless they choose to meet the requirements of a later catalog. However, students who do not earn at least one PCC credit each academic year lose the right to meet the requirements of their original catalog. They must then meet requirements of the current catalog at the time they resume work on their degree or certificate at PCC, or a later catalog. Students who have not been consecutively enrolled (earning at least one credit per academic year) at the time of degree or certificate completion, must meet the requirements of the most current catalog.

An edition of the catalog is valid for six academic years. Some programs may impose shorter time limits on accepting credits for degree or certificate requirements.

Students at Portland Community College will receive degrees and/or certificates based upon an institutional awarding standard. The college will grant degrees and/or certificates upon completion of requirements for the student’s recorded program of study. Opting out of an institutional award requires completing the appropriate request through the Student Records office. Multiple credentials may be institutionally awarded within a student’s program of study. For details regarding this standard, see the Graduation website.

An edition of the catalog is valid for six academic years. For example, a catalog that takes effect fall term 2019 is only valid through summer term 2025. However, some programs may impose shorter time limits on accepting credits for degree or certificate requirements. Occasionally the college may change courses and course numbers within a program. Students should regularly consult an advisor in their major department about their course of study.

While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information in this catalog, Portland Community College has the right to make changes at any time without prior notice. This catalog is not a contract between Portland Community College and current or prospective students.

Portland Community College Confers Five Associate Degrees

  • Associate of Arts Oregon Transfer (AAOT),
  • Associate of Science (AS),
  • Associate of Applied Science (AAS),
  • Associate of General Studies (AGS),
  • Associate of Science Oregon Transfer in Business (ASOT-BUS);

In addition, PCC offers numerous certificates in career technical education programs.

Computer Proficiency: A Statement to Students

In order to succeed in college and in the community, students need to be familiar with and capable of using computers and computer software. Both upper division college work and the requirements of the workplace demand such skills. Many PCC faculty will require students to access class materials on the Internet and use a word processor, e-mail and databases as part of regular course activities.

Students need to determine which computer skills are appropriate to their areas of study and take positive steps to acquire and use them early. In order to facilitate appropriate student access to computers and computer software, each comprehensive campus at the college provides classrooms, labs, course work, and library access where students can learn about and use these tools.

Students should contact their instructors, the campus library, the campus Office of Student Development, the Associated Students of Portland Community College, or the campus Advising and Counseling Offices to find out what computer resources are available and when they can be accessed. Advisors and faculty can assist students in choosing appropriate courses to help them achieve computer proficiency.


A complete listing of Portland Community College’s degree and certificate programs and transfer disciplines may be found in the Programs and Disciplines section of the catalog.