Programs & Disciplines

2014-15 Edition

Support Courses
Career Technical Courses
Lower Division Collegiate Courses

Support Courses

ALC: Alternative Learning Center
DE: Developmental Education
ESOL: English for Speakers of Other Languages

Career Technical Courses*

AB: Auto Collision Repair Technology
AD: Alcohol and Drug Counselor
AM: Automotive Service Technology
AMT: Aviation Maintenance Technology
APR: Apprenticeship
ARCH: Architectural Design and Drafting
AVS: Aviation Science
BA: Business Administration (BA 255 only)
BCT: Building Construction Technology
BIT: Bioscience Technology
BMZA: Biology and Management of Zoo Animals
CADD: Computer Added Design and Drafting
CAS: Computer Applications
CIS: Computer Information Systems
CJA: Criminal Justice
CMET: Civil and Mechanical Engineering Technology
CTT: Computed Tomography
DA: Dental Assisting
DH: Dental Hygiene
DS: Diesel Service Technology
DST: Dealer Service Technology
DT: Dental Laboratory Technology
ECE: Early Education and Family Studies
ED: Education
EET: Electronic Engineering Technology
ELT: Electrical Trades
EM: Emergency Management
EMS: Emergency Medical Services
ETC: Emergency TeleCommunicator/911 Dispatcher
FMT: Facilities Maintenance Technology
FN: Foods and Nutrition
FP: Fire Protection Technology
FT: Fitness Technology
GD: Graphic Design
GRN: Gerontology
HEC: Consumer and Family Studies
HIM: Health Information Management
HR: Culinary Assistant
ID: Interior Design
INSP: Building Inspection Technology
ITP: Sign Language Interpretation
LAT: Landscape Technology
LEC: Lactation Education
MA: Medical Assisting
MCH: Machine Manufacturing Technology
MLT: Medical Laboratory Technology
MM: Multimedia
MP: Medical Professions
MRI: Magnetic Resonance Imaging
MSD: Management and Supervisory Development
MT: Microelectronic Technology
MUC: Professional Music
NRS: Nursing
OMT: Ophthalmic Medical Technology
OS: Office Systems
OST: Occupational Skills Training
PL: Paralegal
RAD: Radiography
RE: Real Estate
VT: Veterinary Technology
WLD: Welding Technology


Many career and technical courses are applicable to the baccalaureate degree. Check with the BA-granting institution.

Lower Division Collegiate Courses

(only course numbers 100-299 are LDC at PCC)
ART: Art
ASL: American Sign Language
ATH: Anthropology
BA: Business Administration** (except 255)
BI: Biology**
CG: College Success and Career Guidance **
CH: Chemistry
CHLA: Chicano/Latino Studies
CHN: Chinese
CIS: Computer Information Systems (only 120, 121, 122)
CJA: Criminal Justice (except 115, 117, 199A, 230,244-247, 299B-D)
COMM: Communication Studies
CS: Computer Science
CSS: Crop Soil Science
D: Dance
EC: Economics
ED: Education** (except 102-116, 161-171, 208, 218, 260, 263, 290)
ENG: English
ENGR: Engineering
ESOL: English for Speakers of Other Languages**
ESR: Environmental Studies
FD: Fashion Design
FN: Foods and Nutrition (only 225)
FR: French
G: Geology
GEO: Geography
GER: German
GS: General Science
HE: Health Studies
HEC: Consumer and Family Studies (only 226, 280A)
HON: Honors
HOR: Horticulture
HPE: Health and Physical Education
HST: History
HUM: Humanities
ITAL: Italian
J: Journalism
JPN: Japanese
LIB: Library
MTH: Mathematics**
MUP: Applied Music
MUS: Music
PE: Physical Education
PHL: Philosophy
PHY: Physics
PS: Political Science
PSY: Psychology
R: Religion
RD: Reading**
RUS: Russian
SOC: Sociology
SPA: Spanish
TA: Theatre Arts
WR: Writing**
WS: Women’s Studies


A number below 100 indicates a support course and a number above 9000 indicates a vocational supplementary course. These courses are not usually transferable. PCC is committed to offering instruction providing students with the opportunity for self-improvement, entry level employment skills and to complete the first two years of a baccalaureate degree.