Food & Nutrition

2016-17 Edition

Rock Creek Campus
Building 5, Room 245

Southeast Campus
Student Commons (SCOM), Room 214

Sylvania Campus
Health Technology Building (HT), Room 318

Career and Program Description

Foods and Nutrition includes the study of human metabolism, foods and other forms of nutrient delivery that support human health, factors that can affect nutrient availability, the food supply and human health behaviors. Critical inquiries are made into how food and nutrition are marketed and how nutrition recommendations are developed. At PCC, Foods and Nutrition offerings include a 100-level course: Personal Nutrition which emphasizes basic nutrition principals and personal health behaviors; a 200-level course: Nutrition tailored to students pursuing careers in the life sciences and allied health.

FN 110. Personal Nutrition. 3 Credits.

Explores personal food habits and beliefs. Emphasizes practical application of nutrition knowledge to enhance general health. Analyze present diet and evaluate it according to latest nutritional guidelines. Basic nutrition course for students with little or no science background. Audit available.

FN 225. Nutrition. 4 Credits.

Introduces components of an adequate diet, nutrient availability and utilization. Analyze dietary intake and compare to current scientific guidelines. Examines peripheral factors influencing diet such as global and local issues, cultural environment, and elements of food safety. Strong background in life sciences recommended. Prerequisite: WR 121, MTH 60 or higher; and BI 231 or FT 131. Audit available.