Developmental Education

DE 21. Introduction to Information Literacy. 1 Credit.

Introduces skills used to formulate an inquiry, emphasizing intellectual curiosity, creative thinking, and persistence in information seeking. Introduces information seeking as a multi-step process: identifying an information need for a specific purpose, formulating a question, developing strategies for locating and selecting varied and appropriate sources, using critical reading and thinking to evaluate information, paraphrasing, and attribution.

DE 31. Learning Skills I. 1 Credit.

Introduces study skills required in college. Principle topics include motivation, goal setting, time management, organization of college, and study suggestions and techniques. Course may be taken alone or as part of a three-credit series (DE 31, 32, 33). Audit available.

DE 50. Vocabulary Building. 1 Credit.

Topics include determining word meaning, parts of speech, pronunciation, spelling, and writing with new vocabulary. Recommend for students in developmental and preparatory reading and writing classes. Prerequisites: Reading COMPASS score 44-65 or successful completion of ESOL 250 with a "C" or better. Audit available.