RD 90. Reading 90. 3 Credits.

Improves reading through work on vocabulary development, motor skills, comprehension and some reading rate improvement. Prerequisite: Placement into RD 90 or successful completion of RD 80 AND placement into WR 80. Audit available.

RD 115. College Reading. 4 Credits.

Focuses on expanding reading frequency and effectively reading complex college level texts; Emphasizes comprehension strategies, critical reading and thinking skills, information literacy, vocabulary development, student success strategies and adapting reading rate to different reading tasks. Prerequisite: Placement into RD 115 or successful completion of (RD 90 or IRW 90) AND placement into WR 90 OR successful completion of WR 80; OR ESOL 252 and ESOL 260. Audit available.

RD 116. College Vocabulary Development. 3 Credits.

Adds significantly to students' reading, writing, and speaking vocabularies, fosters interest in words, and offers strategies for continuous vocabulary development throughout life. Prerequisite: Placement into RD 115 or successful completion of (RD 90 or IRW 90). Audit available.

RD 117. Advanced College Reading. 3 Credits.

Further exploration of topics covered in RD 115, emphasizing inferential, critical, and technical reading. Prerequisite: Successful completion of RD 115. Audit available.