Social Justice Focus Award

PCC’s Social Justice Focus Award develops an interdisciplinary understanding of systems of power, privilege, and domination including the personal, social, cultural, economic, and political consequences on communities, the environment, and society. Students will explore approaches to social change and social movements and engage in practical campus- and community-based experiences with organizations addressing these issues.

Students who complete the Social Justice Focus Award will be able to connect with the University Studies, Sociology, Women’s Studies, Conflict Resolution and the Communities of Practice programs at Portland State University and the Social Justice minor at the University of Portland. Focus Awards are not to be confused with degrees or certificates, are not officially recognized by the state, and do not appear on transcripts. Focus Awards can be used to demonstrate academic and professional interest, critical thinking, and leadership.  This award is especially useful for resumes, personal statements, interviews, and applications for internships, scholarships, university admissions and jobs.

For more information and to earn the Social Justice Focus Award please send an email to

Social Justice Focus Award Requirements

Students must complete total of 15-16 credits (with a C or better) with the following requirements:

  1. SJ 210 Social Justice: Theory & Practice
  2. Three courses from the list below
  3. No more than two courses from one discipline
CG 191Exploring Identity and Diversity for College Success4
CHLA 202Introduction to Chicano/Latino Studies II4
COMM 140Introduction to Intercultural Communication4
ENG 237Working-Class Literature4
ENG 265Literature of Social Protest4
HE 264Food Systems and Public Health4
HST 251African American History since 18774
HUM 214Race and Racism4
PHL 202Ethics4
PS 211Peace and Conflict4
or SOC 211 Peace and Conflict
SOC 204Sociology in Everyday Life4
SOC 206Social Problems4
SOC 213Diversity in the United States4
Choose one of the following:
Illumination Project: Tools for Creative Social Activism 1
Illumination Project: Tools for Creative Social Activism 2
Illumination Project: Tools for Creative Social Activism 3
SOC 215Social Issues and Movements4
WS 101Women's Studies4
WS 202Women, Activism and Social Change4
WS 210Introduction to Queer Studies4