Creative Writing Focus Award

The Creative Writing Focus Award is designed to offer students a rounded experience in the craft of creative writing. Students work on their own writing, workshop their writing and the writing of others, study literature, and learn about editing and publishing. This program introduces students to the field of creative writing as well as enhancing degrees from other disciplines. Through introductory and advanced courses in creative writing and literature, a Creative Writing Focus empowers students to realize themselves as writers and imagine the possibilities of a career in creative writing.

All courses required for a Creative Writing Focus Award meet AAOT (Associate of Arts, Oregon Transfer) degree requirements. Focus awards are not to be confused with degrees or certificates, are not officially recognized by the state, and do not appear on transcripts.

Creative Writing Focus Award Requirements

To receive the Creative Writing Focus Award, students must complete 20 credits that include:

8 credits of introductory coursework8
Creative Writing (Word & Image)
Creative Writing - Nonfiction
Creative Writing - Fiction
Creative Writing - Poetry
Creative Writing - Script Writing
4 credits of editing and publishing coursework4
Advanced Creative Writing, Editing & Publishing
4 credits of advanced coursework4
Advanced Creative Writing - Fiction
Advanced Creative Writing - Poetry
Advanced Creative Writing - Scriptwriting
Advanced Creative Writing - Nonfiction
Advanced Creative Writing, Editing & Publishing II
4 credits of English literature coursework4
Any one of PCC's 4-credit English literature courses will satisfy the literature requirement.

Additional Information

WR 246 may be waived, subject to approval by the faculty contact person on your campus, on the grounds of schedule conflict or equivalent experience. A waiver requires students to take another creative writing class, beginning or advanced, in place of WR 246.

Students completing both WR 246 and WR 249 receive a Focus Award Plus.

All advanced creative writing courses and the literature class must be taken at Portland Community College.

Applying for the Award

Once the required coursework is completed, students may apply for the Creative Writing Focus Award here.