China Studies Focus Award

The China Studies Focus Award recognizes students who have gained considerable knowledge of China, its language and its culture.  The award can be especially useful to transfer students who will focus on International Studies, Asian Studies, International Business, or Chinese.  The award also demonstrates to employers that the student has a significant background in East Asian culture and an expanded worldview.  To receive the China Studies Focus Award, a student must complete a minimum of 15 credits, including CHN 102 or higher or demonstrate equivalent language proficiency.

A focus award is not a state approved award and will not appear on a student's transcript. For questions about the China Studies Focus Award, please contact the Chair of the Internationalization Steering Committee (

Students who are applying for the China Studies Focus Award should fill out the online application form.

China Studies Focus Award Requirements

  1. Meet Chinese language proficiency by completing CHN 102 or above or demonstrating equivalent language skills.
  2. Complete a minimum of one class from Core A course list.
  3. Complete a minimum of one class from the Core B course list.
  4. Complete a minimum of 15 total credits.
Chinese language courses
CHN 101First Year Chinese5
CHN 102First Year Chinese5
CHN 103First Year Chinese5
CHN 201Second Year Chinese5
CHN 202Second Year Chinese5
CHN 203Second Year Chinese5
Core A: Choose a minimum of one course from below
CHN 260Chinese Culture3
HST 106History of China4
PS 242Modern China and Its Neighbors4
Core B: Choose a minimum of one course from below
ART 208History of Asian Art: Art and Architecture of China4
ENG 208Literature of China4
PHL 210Introduction to Asian Philosophy4
R 201Asian Religions4