Peace and Conflict Focus Award

Students who are applying for the Peace and Conflict Focus Award should email Douglas Byrd (

Peace and Conflict Studies Focus Award Requirements

Students must complete 15-16 credits of specified coursework with a C or better.  The coursework includes:

  1. PS 211/SOC 211 Peace and Conflict
  2. Three or more classes from the following list*:
    *Not more than two of the three from the list in the same discipline.
EC 221Globalization and International Relations4
ENG 265Literature of Social Protest4
ES 101Introduction to Ethnic Studies4
GEO 230Geography of Race & Ethnicity4
HST 285The Holocaust4
HUM 2144
PHL 202Ethics4
PHL 208Political Philosophy4
PS 204Comparative Political Systems4
PS 205Global Politics: Conflict & Cooperation4
PS 220U.S. Foreign Policy4
PS 221Globalization and International Relations4
SOC 206Social Problems4
SOC 213Diversity in the United States4
SOC 215Social Movements4
SOC 221Globalization and International Relations4
WS 202Women, Activism and Social Change4

Note: Other courses, or even sections of courses, may also be available for PACS Focus award credit. Consult Douglas Byrd ( for the most up-to-date information.