Asian Studies Focus Award

The courses included in PCC's Asian Studies Focus Award foster a rich understanding and appreciation of the cultures of Asia. A minimum of sixteen credits from the courses listed below entitles students to receive an Asian Studies Focus Award, which will show prospective employers and transfer colleges a foundational focus on Asia. These studies encourage broader reflections about the nature of culture and how it shapes everything from world views to daily life. Above all, the focus award enables students to develop a multidimensional perspective on Asia with its many cultures and to enhance their own life experience as well.

Asian Studies Focus Award Requirements

To receive the Asian Studies Focus Award, a student will successfully earn a C, P or better in at least 16 credits from the following choices, which must:

Although only two courses from one discipline may apply toward the award, we encourage and wholeheartedly support taking two full years of an Asian language.

For questions about the Asian Studies Focus Award, please contact the Chair of the Internationalization Steering Committee (

Students who are applying for the Asian Studies Focus Award should fill out the online application form.

Courses may be selected from the following:

ATH 103Introduction to Cultural Anthropology 14
ART 207History of Asian Art: Art and Architecture of India (India)4
ART 208History of Asian Art: Art and Architecture of China (China)4
ART 209History of Asian Art: Art and Architecture of Japan (Japan)4
Business Administration
BA 203Introduction to International Business 13
All language and culture credit courses may apply to the focus award. They vary from 3-5 credits.
Communication Studies
COMM 140Introduction to Intercultural Communication 14
GEO 106World Regional Geography4
GEO 212Geography of Global Issues 14
HST 105History of India and South Asia4
HST 106History of China4
HST 107History of Korea and Japan4
All language and culture credit courses may apply to the focus award. They vary from 1-6 credits
ENG 207Literature of India4
ENG 208Literature of China4
ENG 209Literature of Japan4
MUS 108Music as Culture 14
PHL 210Introduction to Asian Philosophy4
Physical Education
Any PE course with an Asian focus, such as Aikido, Judo, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Tai Chi, and Yoga may apply to the focus award.
Political Science
PS 204Comparative Political Systems 14
PS 205Global Politics: Conflict & Cooperation 14
PS 242Modern China and Its Neighbors4
Religious Studies
R 201Asian Religions4
R 210World Religions 14
Women's Studies
WS 201Intercultural Women's Studies 14

Students may include no more than one course from these options in the focus award.


The Asian Studies Focus Award satisfies Portland State University's International Studies requirement, INT 216a, Introduction to Asian Studies, with some restrictions.  PCC is a Regional Center of the East-West Center’s Asian Studies Development Program (ASDP):  In addition, PCC is affiliated with the Oregon East Asia Network:

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