Communication Studies Focus Award

The Communication Studies Focus Award recognizes students who have gained considerable background in Communication Studies as part of their certificate or transfer degree program. The award is granted to students who have completed the required combination of Communication Studies courses. This award is especially useful for students seeking to minor or major in Communication Studies at Portland State University or any Oregon college or university. Students who wish to transfer should check with the specific institution for course transferability.

Students who are applying for the Communication Studies Focus Award should fill out the online application form.

Communication Studies Focus Award Requirements

  1. Students must complete four or more courses all with a C or better:
    1. Two required courses 
    2. Two additional courses from either category
Required Courses
COMM 100 (Introduction to Communication (COMM100=COMM100Z)) Z4
COMM 111 (Public Speaking (COMM111=COMM111Z) or COMM 111H) Z4
COMM 112Argumentation, Advocacy, and Debate4
COMM 218 (Interpersonal Communication (COMM214=COMM218=COMM218Z)) Z4
Additional Courses (choose two)
COMM 105Listening4
COMM 110Voice and Articulation3
COMM 130Business & Professional Communication4
COMM 140Introduction to Intercultural Communication4
COMM 204Visual Communication for Media4
or J 204 Visual Communication for Media
COMM 212Voice & Diction4
COMM 215Communicating in Teams and Small Groups4
COMM 227Nonverbal Communication4
COMM 228Mass Communication and Society4
or J 201 Mass Communication and Society
COMM 237Gender and Communication4

This course is part of Oregon Common Course Numbering. The following courses are equivalent:
COMM 100 and COMM 100Z
COMM 111 and COMM 111Z
COMM 111H and COMM 111HZ
COMM 214, COMM 218, and COMM 218Z