Health Studies Focus Award

The Health Studies Award provides students with an introductory body of knowledge in Health Studies to prepare them for further academic study and transfer to a four-year institution. Benefits of this award include:

  • Opportunities to build their understanding of the complex factors, forces and institutions that influence individual, community, environmental and global health;
  • Academic support, guidance, and encouragement through faculty-student mentoring; and
  • Opportunities to network with local four-year universities and colleges.

The Health Studies Award prepares students to pursue health studies and related programs at the bachelor level. In Oregon, these programs can be found at Portland State University, Oregon State University, Western Oregon University and other schools in the Oregon University System and private colleges.

Students receiving the Health Studies Award will have successfully completed a minimum of 15 credits (with a C or better) from the following choices, which must include:

  • Core Health Courses
  • An additional course from Elective Health Courses
  • Remainder of credits from Elective Health Courses or Approved Related Course List
Health Core Required Courses
Choose one of the following:
HE 242Stress and Human Health4
HE 250Personal Health3
HE 251Community and Public Health4
HE 295
PE 295
Health and Fitness for Life
and Health and Fitness for Life Lab
Elective Health Courses (one required, addition may be selected)
HE 212 1Women's Health4
HE 213Men's Health4
HE 255 1Film and Public Health4
HE 264Food Systems and Public Health4
HE 278Human Health and the Environment3
Approved Related Courses
ESR 171Environmental Science: Biological Perspectives4
FN 225Nutrition4
PSY 215Human Development4
PSY 231Human Sexuality4
SOC 231Sociology of Health & Aging4