Black Studies Focus Award

PCC’s Black Studies courses contribute to the understanding of the unique issues that people of African ancestry face in the modern world by taking an interdisciplinary approach to examine the economics, history, politics, culture, literature, and art of the African Diaspora.

PCC offers one of the largest selections of courses that reflect the Black experience. This focus award enhances existing degrees and certificates and shows prospective employers and transfer colleges a foundational focus on the black experience and multicultural issues. In addition, students completing the Africa series of courses build a foundation for International Studies. Students completing the award will be eligible for the lower division course requirements for Portland State University’s Black Studies degree.

Students who are applying for the Black Studies Focus Award should call 971-722-5637.

Black Studies Focus Award Requirements

To receive the Black Studies Focus Award, a student will complete at least 16 credits from the following choices, with no more than two courses from one discipline.

Courses may be selected from the following:

ENG 257African American Literature to the Harlem Renaissance4
ENG 258African-American Literature4
HUM 2144
HST 250African American History to 18774
HST 251African American History since 18774
HST 284History of Africa4
SOC 213Diversity in the United States4