Student Membership on College Committees

Portland Community College’s academic and student affairs policies have a significant impact on students’ experiences at PCC, and are crucial to the College’s retention and completion goals. In order to provide the administration, faculty, and staff with their viewpoint, it is important for students to contribute to policy making. In addition to providing important input for the College, participation in the policy-making process provides students with invaluable learning experiences.

Therefore, the student body has the right to representation on Portland Community College entities that recommend, formulate, or review academic or student affairs policies which impact the entire district. Their level of participation is pursuant to the entity’s governing rules. College committees, councils, taskforces, and other work groups addressing such policies shall contact the District Student Council Chair to request student representation.

Policy/Standard Name:  Student Membership on College Committees
Policy/Standard Identifier:  S705
Units responsible for review and update: 
Student Development Committee
Approval: College President
Responsibility: Vice President for Student Affairs
Date of Final Approval: Winter 2016
Effective Term: Spring 2016
Prior Versions: Yes