The MTH 65 Competency Exam


The MTH 65 competency exam is a way to demonstrate the math competency requirement for some degrees. The exam is a multiple choice exam, approved by the Math SAC, that requires approximately 90 minutes to complete. A student may not take the MTH 65 competency exam more than one time per term. The MTH 65 competency exam is not a placement tool and not a challenge exam.


The MTH 65 competency exam is administered at all PCC Testing Centers.


No fee will be charged for taking the MTH 65 competency exam.


The MTH 65 competency exam will be graded upon completion so the student will know the result. Testing Center personnel will record the result in the student's academic record.

Policy/Standard Name:  The MTH 65 Competency Exam
Policy/Standard Identifier:  Appendix C
Units responsible for review and update:  Degrees and Certificates Committee, Registrar
Approval:  College President
Responsibility:  Vice President for Academic Affairs
Date of Final Approval:  May 2014
Effective Term:  May 2014
Prior Versions:  Yes