Degree and Certificate Substitution Standards

Students have the right to petition for the substitution of alternate coursework to meet degree and/or certificate requirements.

Petitions for substituted coursework in the AS, ASOT, AAOT, and AGS degrees are only approved in cases of documented disability. Students must follow the established process to petition for a substitution within one of these degrees.

Substitution of coursework in the major field for AAS degrees and CTE certificates requires approval by the chair of the department from which the student is earning the degree/certificate or program advisor, if so designated by the chair. Substituted courses must be consistent with degree outcomes. A rationale for the appropriateness of the substitution is required with the approval.

All substitutions must meet state guidelines for each degree or certificate as established by the state (CCWD) degree/certificate rules. The Registrar’s office provides institutional approval for substitution decisions based on accreditation standards, government regulations, and degree outcomes.

Substituted coursework cannot exceed 30% of the student's major-specific coursework, including electives. General Education, foundational competency requirements, and related instruction courses cannot be substituted with alternate coursework, except in cases of documented disability.

Disagreements between the Registrar and the Faculty Department Chair may be appealed to a three-dean panel including the involved Division Dean, the Campus Dean of Instruction and a third dean of the administration’s choice.  

Policy/Standard Name: Degree and Certificate Substitution Standards
Policy/Standard Identifier: A110
Units responsible for review and update:  Degrees and Certificates Committee, Registrar
Approval: College President
Responsibility: Vice President for Academic Affairs
Date of Final Approval: May 2016
Effective Term: Fall 2016
Prior Versions: Yes