Articulation of College Credit for High School Work (Dual Credit)

Portland Community College will award credit for college coursework completed in high school, following the policies for Dual Credit Programs in community colleges as legislatively defined in the Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR 715-017-0005) and the Oregon Standards for Accelerated College Credit Partnerships as adopted by the Higher Education Coordinating Commission.

A specific articulation agreement between the high school/school district and Portland Community College is required prior to the awarding and transcripting of courses. The Vice President for Academic Affairs will initially approve and annually review all articulation agreements.

Students who earn PCC college credit  through high school Dual Credit courses shall produce work that meets the corresponding PCC course outcomes as defined by the Subject Area Committee (SAC) and listed in the Course Content and Outcome Guides (CCOGs). Students will be assessed at a level commensurate with the PCC course.

High School faculty will work with the guidance of a department liaison selected by the Program Dean. High School faculty must meet PCC instructor qualifications [I301] unless waived by the Executive Dean of Teaching and Learning Support. 

PCC Dual Credit students must be admitted to PCC and register for the PCC courses using the specific CRN (course reference number) designated for their college Dual Credit class, and follow applicable PCC Academic Policies and Standards.

Policy/Standard Name: Articulation of College Credit for High School Work (Dual Credit)
Policy/Standard Identifier: A101
Authority: OAR 589-007-0200
Units responsible for review and update: Dean of Academic Affairs
Approval: College President
Responsibility: Vice President for Academic Affairs
Date of Final Approval: February 2022
Effective Term: Spring 2022
Prior Versions: Yes