Experimental Courses

All programs are authorized to offer Experimental Courses for the purpose of introducing new materials on a trial basis. The following designations shall be used:

XXX 199X or XXX 299X Course Title (e.g., ART 299B)

Experimental Courses shall be approved by the appropriate Subject Area Committee (SAC), the SAC's administrative liaison, and the Dean of Instruction responsible for the SAC. A course outline, including the course description and learning outcomes, must be filed with the Curriculum Office, but no other approvals will be required.

Experimental Courses shall be offered a maximum of two terms, unless a third-term offering exception is granted by the Chair of the Curriculum Committee (CC) with the notification of the CC, after which the course material may only be offered as a conventionally-numbered course that has been approved following the normal course approval process. These two (or three) terms must occur within a single 15-month period.

Except as provided in the "Granting Degrees and Certificates Policy," degree and certificate candidates shall be limited to the use of 9 credits of Experimental Courses in their degree or certificate requirements.

Policy/Standard Name:  Experimental Courses
Policy/Standard Identifier: E202
Units responsible for review and update:  Registrar, Curriculum Committee
Approval: College President
Responsibility: Vice President for Academic Affairs
Date of Final Approval: February 2010
Effective Term: Winter 2010
Prior Versions: Yes