Course Challenge

2016-17 Edition


A Course Challenge may be requested when a student believes s/he satisfies the content and outcome objectives of a current PCC course through prior experiential learning.

Not all courses can be challenged. Each Subject Area Committee (SAC) shall determine which of its courses can be challenged. (See: S701 Subject Area Committees.)

The challenge measurement and process established by the SAC shall assess whether a student has met the course content and outcome objectives so credit can be awarded.

Course challenge credits may not be used to meet the college residency requirement.

Course challenges shall not exceed 25% of the student’s degree or certificate credits in accordance with accreditation standards.

A course may be challenged only once. A student cannot have been previously enrolled or be currently enrolled after the published drop deadline in a course s/he wishes to challenge.

An instructor who teaches the course shall determine the grade earned by the student in accordance with the SAC-established grading standard for the course. The grade shall be submitted through the faculty department chair, division dean, or administrative supervisor and shall be recorded on the student’s transcript as credit by challenge. In the event that the instructor is also the faculty department chair, the grade shall be submitted through his/her division dean or administrative supervisor.

Requirements for Students

  1. Have completed credit courses at PCC or be currently registered in credit courses at PCC.
  2. Accept responsibility for determining if the challenge credit is transferable to another institution.
  3. Have the approval of the faculty department chair, division dean, or administrative supervisor if the course is challengeable.
  4. Pay the non-refundable fees/tuition for each course challenge.
  5. Complete each course challenge by the end of the term in which it was approved.

Policy/Standard Name:  Course Challenge
Policy/Standard Identifier:  C102
Authority:  N/A
Units responsible for review and update:  Academic Policies and Standards Committee
Approval:  College President
Responsibility:  Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs
Date of Final Approval:  January 2013
Effective Date:  Spring 2013
Prior Versions:  Yes