Granting Degrees and Certificates

2017-18 Edition

Granting Degrees and Certificates

A complete listing of Portland Community College’s degree and certificate programs and transfer disciplines can be found in the Programs and Disciplines [] section of the catalog.

To earn an associate's degree or a certificate, students must meet the requirements in the catalog that is current when they earn their first credit(s) at PCC, unless they choose to meet the requirements of a later catalog. However, students who do not earn at least one PCC credit each academic year lose the right to meet the requirements of their original catalog. They must then meet requirements of the current catalog at the time they resume work on their degree or certificate at PCC, or a later catalog. Students who have not been consecutively enrolled (earning at least one credit per academic year) at the time of degree or certificate completion, must meet the requirements of the most current catalog.

An edition of the catalog is valid for six academic years. Some programs may impose shorter time limits on accepting credits for degree or certificate requirements.

Students at Portland Community College will receive degrees and/or certificates based upon an institutional awarding standard. The College will grant degrees and/or certificates upon completion of requirements for the student’s recorded program of study. Opting out of an institutional award requires completing the appropriate request through the Student Records office. Multiple credentials may be institutionally awarded within a student’s program of study. For details regarding this standard, see the Graduation web page [].

For Certificate Requirements

See Handbook section C100

For Associate's Degree Requirements

See Handbook Sections, A102, A103, A104, A105, A106, and A113

Policy/Standard Name: Granting Degrees and Certificates
Policy/Standard Identifier: G303
Authority: N/A
Units responsible for review and update: Registrar, Degrees and Certificates Committee
Approval: College President
Responsibility: Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs
Date of Final Approval: May 2016
Effective Date: Fall 2016
Prior Versions: Yes