Advisory Committees

2017-18 Edition

Advisory Committees guide the development of and provide ongoing assistance to career technical education (CTE) programs.*  The Advisory Committee and the faculty and staff of the corresponding CTE program are to work together to ensure that the program addresses current business, industry, labor and/or professional employment needs.

Advisory Committees for non-CTE programs may be developed with the approval of the Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs.

When the establishment of a new CTE program is under formal consideration, an ad hoc Advisory Committee shall be formed to guide the development of the program.  When full state approval for the program is granted, a permanent Advisory Committee shall be established using the Advisory Committee Guidelines, which gives guidance about the membership and duties of Advisory Committees.

Advisory Committee membership and meeting minutes shall be recorded with the office of the Dean of Academic Affairs [].


Policy/Standard Name: Advisory Committees
Policy/Standard Identifier: A108
Units responsible for review and update:  Academic Policies and Standards Committee
Approval: College President
Responsibility: Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs
Date of Final Approval: June 2015
Effective Date: Summer Term 2015
Prior Versions: Yes