Online Learning

Online learning provides students with an opportunity to earn college credit by participating in a variety of online and technology based courses. Online classes meet the same outcomes as on-campus classes and the credits are similarly transferable to other colleges and universities. Students also follow the same admissions and registration procedures as on-campus students. Instead of attending on-campus classes, students participate in an orientation, online discussions and activities, complete readings in textbooks and study guides, take periodic exams and in some cases write papers, reports, or do group work with other students. Each course has an instructor for students to contact when they need assistance. 

Web classes

Web classes utilize an online learning environment where students work independently through online coursework, which can include text, audio and video content. Students and instructors interact through discussions, email, and web conferencing. Some classes may require on-campus exams or labs. Students need to check the class schedule for specific computer and course requirements. Both credit and non-credit courses are available.

Hybrid classes

A hybrid course meets in person or at the same time virtually and has online work that replaces some in-person class time. The amount of time spent in person and online varies between courses. The in-person time is noted in the schedule. Students will need to check the course syllabus to find out what activities are due before in person meetings. Students will have activities that need to be completed both before and after in person meetings. Students will need to meet the technical requirements for web classes to be successful in hybrid classes.

First time online students

All PCC students who have not taken an online class at PCC will need to complete the Start Guide for Online Learning before they can register for a credit WEB class. Visit for the latest information for new online learners.