PCC Links Programs


PCC Links Programs, formerly called PCC Prep Alternative Programs, offer educational options to help students complete their education, no matter where they are starting from. Two high school programs offer a variety of options for youth 16-20 years of age who are at risk of dropping out of school or who have already left school without obtaining a high school diploma. Two college programs provide support and scholarship assistance for students who have completed high school and who could benefit from support in completing their college degree.

High School Programs

Gateway to College


In Gateway to College, students are given the opportunity to obtain a high school diploma while simultaneously earning college credits. Students start in small learning communities and develop academic and personal skills to help them become successful college students. This is a rigorous program that requires students to be focused and committed to their academic success in college.

YES to College


The YES to College program is for students wanting to get back on track, successfully complete high school, and start on college and a career path.

Students interested in obtaining a GED take classes specifically designed to prepare them to pass the GED tests. After completing their GED, YES to College students may be eligible to transition into college courses and work towards a certificate or degree, with the program covering the cost of college tuition and books.

Students who have a first language other than English start in the YES to College program with ESOL courses. As they improve their English skills in reading, writing and speaking, students can work toward a GED or high school diploma.

In both programs students receive the support of a College Success Coach who acts as an instructor, adviser, and counselor. In both programs, the cost of classes and books is covered. In Gateway to College, students are responsible for class fees each term.

PDX Bridge


PDX Bridge provides a bridge to first-year college completion for students who have experienced foster care, homelessness, or the justice system.  Through cohort dual credit course work (RD 115 and CG 101) students in high school can get a jump start to college.

College Programs

Future Connect


Future Connect is for recent high school graduates who are either low-income or first-generation college students. Students work closely with a College Success Coach, receive a scholarship to PCC, and have the opportunity to participate in career internships and leadership opportunities.

Future Connect +


Future Connect + provides personalized support to college students who place into two or more Pre college classes (Writing 115, Reading 115). Students take classes in a Learning Community that provides them with individualized academic and social supports and offers an engaging project-based curriculum to prepare for college-level coursework.

See also English for Speakers of Other Languages and Developmental Education sections in this catalog for related instruction.

Fostering Success


Fostering Success provides a support network and individual coaching to enable students who have experienced foster care to successfully complete career and educational goals.  Fostering Success primarily works with students who are in or exiting foster care to help them navigate the early stages of college enrollment.  Students in fostering success benefit from additional guidance via regular testing support before and during their first term.