History Focus Award


The History Focus Award is designed to foster a rich understanding and appreciation of history as a discipline that is engaged in dialogues with the past in order to interpret human experiences over time.  This award supports students interested in history by offering the opportunity to study a wide variety of courses covering different areas, eras, and topics in history.

Students completing the award will be able to use a maximum of 16 lower-division history credits towards the Portland State University History Major requirements.  Students planning to transfer to other universities should check with the specific institution for course transferability.

To apply for the History Focus Award contact 971-722-8267. 

History Focus Award Requirements

To receive the History Focus Award, a student must complete 16 credits.  Courses must be selected from the following:

Western Civilization
HST 101History of Western Civilization: Ancient to Medieval4
HST 102History of Western Civilization: Medieval to Modern4
Western Civilization Honors
HST 101HHistory of Western Civilization: Ancient to Medieval Honors4
HST 102HHistory of Western Civilization: Medieval to Modern - Honors4
HST 103HHistory of Western Civilization: Modern Europe - Honors4
Middle Eastern and Asian History
HST 104History of the Middle East4
HST 105History of India and South Asia Region4
HST 106History of China4
HST 107History of Korea and Japan4
United States History
HST 201History of the United States to 18404
HST 202History of the United States 1840-19144
HST 203History of the United States 1914 to Present4
Women's History
HST 204History of Women in the U.S.: Pre-colonial to 18774
HST 205History of Women in the U.S.: 1877 to Present4
African American History
HST 274African American History I4
HST 275African American History II4
HST 276African American History III4
Russian History
HST 278Russian History I4
HST 279Russian History II4
History of Religion
HST 246Religion in the United States to 18404
HST 247Religion in the United States since 18404
Special Topics in History
HST 103History of Western Civilization: Modern Europe4
HST 218American Indian History4
HST 225History of Women, Sex, and the Family4
HST 285The Holocaust4
Regional or Geographical Histories
HST 240Oregon History4
HST 270History of Mexico4
HST 271History of Central America and the Caribbean4
HST 284History of Africa4