Sustainability Focus Award

The Sustainability Focus award recognizes students who have completed a broad range of sustainability related courses. The award is designed to encourage students to learn to see environmental issues from multiple perspectives and to increase their experience in this multi-disciplinary topic. The earning of this focus award can demonstrate to potential employers and transfer colleges that the student has a deep and broad understanding of sustainability issues.

To receive this focus award, please email Focus Awards are not to be confused with degrees or certificates, are not officially recognized by the state, and do not appear on transcripts.

Sustainability Focus Award Requirements

  1. Complete a minimum of 16 credits.
  2. Include courses from at least three of the following different disciplines.
BI 101Biology4
One class only from the following:
Habitats: Life of the Forest
Habitats: Marine Biology
Habitats: Fresh Water Biology
BI 145Intro. to Fish and Wildlife Conservation and Management4
BI 160Ecology/Field Biology: Coast2
BI 163Organic Gardening4
BI 164Bird ID and Ecology4
BI 200APrinciples of Ecology: Field Biology2
BI 200BPrinciples of Ecology: Field Biology4
BI 200CPrinciples of Ecology: Field Biology6
BI 213Principles of Biology5
BI 280ACooperative Education: Biology1-10
Environmental Studies
ESR 140Introduction to Sustainability4
ESR 141Introduction to Individual Sustainability4
One class only from the following:
Environmental Science: Biological Perspectives
Environmental Science: Chemical Perspectives
Environmental Science: Geological Perspectives
ESR 201Applied Environmental Studies: Science/Policy Consideration4
ESR 203Applied Environmental Studies: Project4
HE 264Health, Food Systems, and the Environment3
HE 278Human Health and the Environment3
ENG 230Environmental Literature4
ENG 269Wilderness Literature4
PHL 206Introduction to Environmental Ethics4
Political Science
PS 280ACooperative Education: Political Science1-4
PS 297Environmental Politics and Policy4
SOC 228Introduction to Environmental Sociology4
SOC 280ACooperative Education: Sociology1-3