Cultural Literacy

Cultural Literacy courses must:

  1. Be on the General Education/Discipline Studies List and also be eligible for the AAOT degree.
  2. Meet the state-wide Cultural Literacy Outcome:
    • As a result of taking a designated Cultural Literacy course, learners would be able to identify and analyze complex practices, values, and beliefs and the culturally and historically defined meanings of difference.
  3. Meet the state-wide Cultural Literacy Criteria. A course with the Cultural Literacy designation will:   
    • Explore how culturally-based assumptions influence perceptions, behaviors, and policies. 
    • Examine the historical bases and evolution of diverse cultural ideas, behaviors, and issues.
Arts and Letters
ART 207History of Asian Art: Art and Architecture of India4
ART 208History of Asian Art: Art and Architecture of China4
ART 209History of Asian Art: Art and Architecture of Japan4
ART 210Women in Art4
ASL 240Introduction to the Deaf Community4
CHN 201Second Year Chinese5
CHN 202Second Year Chinese5
CHN 203Second Year Chinese5
CHN 260Chinese Culture3
COMM 140Introduction to Intercultural Communication4
ENG 207Literature of India4
ENG 208Literature of China4
ENG 209Literature of Japan4
ENG 213Latin American Literature4
ENG 222Images of Women in Literature4
ENG 237Working-Class Literature4
ENG 240Introduction to Native American Literatures4
ENG 244Introduction to Asian-American Literature4
ENG 250Introduction to Folklore and Mythology4
ENG 257African American Literature to the Harlem Renaissance4
ENG 258African-American Literature4
ENG 260Introduction to Women Writers4
ENG 266Literature of War4
HUM 100Introduction to Humanities4
HUM 201Humanities & Technology: Exploring Origins4
HUM 202Humanities & Technology: Contemporary Issues4
HUM 203Humanities & Technology: Future Directions4
HUM 221Leadership Development4
INTL 201Introduction to International Studies4
JPN 260AJapanese Culture3
JPN 261AJapanese Culture3
JPN 262AJapanese Popular Culture3
MUS 108Music as Culture3
MUS 141Intro to Songwriting4
MUS 205Introduction to the History of Jazz3
MUS 207History of American Roots Music3
MUS 216History of Hip Hop Music and Culture4
MUS 236Introduction to the Music of Latin America4
PHL 210Introduction to Asian Philosophy4
R 201Asian Religions4
R 210World Religions4
RUS 241Great Russian Writers-19th Century4
RUS 242Great Russian Writers-20th Century4
WS 101Women's Studies4
Science, Math, Computer Science
No courses in this section meet the criteria.
Social Science
ATH 208World Ethnography4
ATH 209Culture, Change, and the Individual4
ATH 230Indigenous Cultures and Communities of Oregon4
ATH 231Indigenous Cultures and Communities of the Pacific Northwest4
ATH 232Indigenous Cultures and Communities of U.S. and Canada4
CG 191Exploring Identity and Diversity for College Success4
ES 101Introduction to Ethnic Studies4
GEO 105Human Geography4
GEO 106World Regional Geography4
GEO 204Geography of Middle East4
GEO 206Geography of Oregon4
GEO 212Geography of Global Issues4
GEO 215Geography of Latin America4
GEO 230Geography of Race & Ethnicity4
GEO 250Geography of Africa4
HST 101History of Western Civilization: Ancient to Medieval4
HST 101HHistory of Western Civilization: Ancient to Medieval Honors4
HST 102History of Western Civilization: Medieval to Modern4
HST 102HHistory of Western Civilization: Medieval to Modern - Honors4
HST 103History of Western Civilization: Modern Europe4
HST 103HHistory of Western Civilization: Modern Europe - Honors4
HST 104History of the Middle East4
HST 105History of India and South Asia4
HST 106History of China4
HST 107History of Korea and Japan4
HST 201History of the United States to 18404
HST 202History of the United States 1840-19144
HST 203History of the United States 1914 to Present4
HST 204History of Women in the U.S.: Pre-colonial to 18774
HST 205History of Women in the U.S.: 1877 to Present4
HST 218American Indian History4
HST 225History of Global Sexualities and Families4
HST 240Oregon History4
HST 244Introduction to Viking History4
HST 246Religion in the United States to 18404
HST 247Religion in the United States since 18404
HST 250African American History to 18774
HST 251African American History since 18774
HST 270History of Mexico4
HST 271History of Central America and the Caribbean4
HST 277History of the Oregon Trail4
HST 279Russian History II4
HST 284History of Africa4
HST 285The Holocaust4
PS 204Comparative Political Systems4
PS 205Global Politics: Conflict & Cooperation4
PS 211Peace and Conflict4
PS 225Political Ideologies: Idea Systems4
PSY 201AIntroduction to Psychology - Part 14
PSY 202AIntroduction to Psychology - Part 24
PSY 222Family & Intimate Relationships4
SOC 204Introduction to Sociology4
SOC 206Social Problems4
SOC 211Peace and Conflict Studies4
SOC 213Diversity in the United States4
SOC 214AIllumination Project I: Interactive Social Justice Theater4
SOC 214BIllumination Project II: Interactive Social Justice Theater4
SOC 214CIllumination Project III: Interactive Social Justice Theater4
SOC 215Social Movements4
SOC 218Sociology of Gender4
SOC 223Sociology of the Life Course4
SOC 228Introduction to Environmental Sociology4
SOC 230Introduction to Gerontology4
SOC 231Sociology of Healthy Aging4
SOC 232Death and Dying: Culture and Issues4
WS 101Women's Studies4
WS 201Intercultural Women's Studies4
WS 202Women, Activism and Social Change4
WS 210Introduction to Queer Studies4