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2017-18 Edition

GD 120. Graphic Design I. 3 Credits.

Introduces the basic concepts of graphic design, including design elements and principles. Emphasizes the design process, developing an idea from thumbnail sketch, through tight roughs, to a comprehensive design. Focuses on the importance of presentation, industry standards and professional tools and techniques. Required for entry into the Graphic Design program.

Programs & Disciplines

...Technology FT: Exercise Science GD: Graphic Design GRN...Computer Information Systems (CIS 120, 121, 122) CJA...


...4 GD 101 Technology and Procedures 1 GD 114 Introductory Typography 3 GD 120 Graphic...

Graphic Design

...three graphic design courses ( GD 101 , GD 114 and GD 120 ) are open for all...