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2017-18 Edition

CH 242. Organic Chemistry II. 5 Credits.

Introduces radical reactions; substitution and elimination reaction mechanisms; structure and chemistry of alcohols, ethers, epoxides and their sulfur analogues; organometallic compounds; arenes and aromaticity; structure and chemistry of aromatic compounds; NMR, UV-VIS and Mass Spectroscopy; and special topics as time and interest permit. Prerequisite: CH 241. Audit available. This course fulfills the following GE requirements: Science, Math, Computer Science/ASOT-B, Science, Math, Computer Science/AAOT, Science, Math, Computer Science/AS, Science, Math, Computer Science/AAS, Science, Math, Computer Science/AGS.

Medical Laboratory Technology

...series (CH 104/105/106 or CH 221...II 4 MLT 242 Immunohematology II 4...