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2017-18 Edition

CAS 222. Integrated Website Design. 4 Credits.

Reinforces industry-standard practices for creating professional websites. Focuses on user acceptance testing, usability testing, social media integration, accessibility, form processing using a database, JavaScript/jQuery interactivity and mobile-first web design. Includes troubleshooting of existing websites and working in production/development environments. Prerequisite: CAS 215 and (CAS 213 or CIS 133W) and (CAS 225 or CIS 195P). Audit available.

Building Construction Technology

...4 CAS 140 Beginning Access 3 CAS 170...the Contractor 3 BCT 222 Engineering for Constructors...


...4 CAS 215 Intermediate CSS and Preprocessors 4 CAS 222 Integrated Website Design 4 CAS...

Graphic Design

...Printmaking I 3 CAS 106 Introduction to HTML 1 GD 222 Graphic Design...