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2017-18 Edition

ASL 240. Introduction to the Deaf Community. 4 Credits.

Introduces pathological and cultural perspectives of Deaf people and their community, Deaf history and organizations; Deaf people's involvement in and access to the arts, and perspectives on education. Covers services, employment, legislation, special technology, communication systems and attitudes toward languages and their impact on the Deaf community. Introduces basic terminology and explains the difference between signers and interpreters. Prerequisites: (WR 115 and RD 115) or IRW 115 and MTH 20 or equivalent placement. This course fulfills the following GE requirements: Cultural Literacy, Arts and Letters/AAOT, Arts and Letters/ASOT-B, Arts and Letters/AS, Arts and Letters/AAS, Arts and Letters/AGS.

Sign Language Studies (SLS)

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Sign Language Interpretation (SLIP)

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