Dental Laboratory Technology

2016-17 Edition

Sylvania Campus
Health Technology Building (HT), Room 206

Health Admissions Office
Health Technology Building (HT), Room 205

Career and Program Description

The dental laboratory technologist is a professional member of the dental team and is considered the “artist” of that group. Using an order from a dentist, the technician designs and fabricates dental replacements such as crowns, bridges, dentures and orthodontic appliances. In the process, the technician carves complex structures and designs in wax, casts and finishes a variety of metals, and duplicates tooth form and color in acrylic resin or porcelain materials.

Students enrolled in the Dental Laboratory Technology Program will be required to wear safety glasses or goggles and face masks during procedures that produce airborne particulate matter. Additional protective wear and gear may be required. Safety policies, procedures and protocols are taught and reinforced throughout the curriculum according to industry standards and OSHA regulations to provide a safe learning environment. All aspects of the Dental Laboratory Technology Program are continually assessed to provide on-going excellence and continuing improvement, and are subject to change.

PCC offers a two-year program that is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA). Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the academic year. All prerequisites must be completed by summer term in the year in which you apply. The program starts fall term only. Enrollment is limited, so students are encouraged to apply early. Application forms may be obtained from and should be submitted to:

Health Admissions Office
Sylvania Campus, HT 205
Portland Community College
P.O. Box 19000
Portland, Oregon 97280-0990

For more information, call 971 722-4795

Skill Upgrade Courses: Laboratory practicums are offered to experienced technicians who wish to upgrade their skills in any of the five specialties. Laboratory credits vary from 1-5, depending on the technicians needs.

Degrees and Certificates Offered

Associate of Applied Science Degree

Dental Laboratory Technology

Two-Year Certificate

Dental Laboratory Technology

Admission Prerequisites

Academic Prerequisites

  • GED, high school graduation or minimum college GPA of 2.0. (Proof of completion/graduation/college transcript must be submitted in your application).
  • Completion of RD 90 with a C or better or equivalent placement test score.
  • Placement into MTH 20 .
  • This is a limited entry program with restricted enrollment.

Other Prerequisites

  • Satisfactory performance of wax carving tests (prerequisite).
  • Students must show evidence of having begun or completed the immunization series for Hepatitis B.

Program Requirements

Academic Requirements

  • None

Other Requirements

  • None

Dental Laboratory Technology AAS Degree

Minimum 91 credits. Students must also meet Associate Degree Comprehensive Requirements and Associate of Applied Science Requirements. Students must complete a total of sixteen credits of General Education. Some courses specified within the program may be used as General Education. Math/computation competency is met through the courses in the program of study indicated with a § symbol. Students should consult with program advisors for course planning.

Course of Study

The coursework listed below is required. The following is an example of a term-by-term breakdown.

First TermCredits
DT 101§Dental Technology Lab I6
DT 120§Dental Anatomy2
DT 141Denture Techniques I2
DT 151Science of Dental Materials I2
Second Term
DT 102§Dental Technology Lab II6
DT 142Denture Techniques II2
DT 152Science of Dental Materials II3
HE 125First Aid & Industrial Safety3
General Education4
Third Term
DT 103§Dental Technology Lab III6
DT 271§Partials, Immediate and Overdentures2
Any COMM course on General Education List4
DT Degree Electives4
Fourth Term
DT 204§Dental Technology Lab IV6
DT 253§Science of Dental Materials III2
DT 270§Inlay Casting, Crown and Bridge3
DT 275§Dental Laboratory Management2
Fifth Term
DT 205§Dental Technology Lab V6
DT 254§Science of Dental Materials IV2
DT 272§Dental Ceramics3
DT 276§Dental Laboratory Management Lab1
General Education4
Sixth Term
DT 206A§Dental Technology Lab VI (Fabrication Ortho Appliances)3
DT 206B§Dental Technology Lab VII (CAD/CAM and Implant Restorations)3
DT 284Dental Specialties2
DT 286§DT Registered Graduate Preparation1
DT 287§Introduction to CAD/CAM Technology and Dental Implant System3
General Education4
 Total Credits: 91

 Course cannot be substituted for another course.

Dental Laboratory Technology Degree Electives

BA 101Introduction to Business4
BA 226Business Law I4
EC 200 *Introduction to Economics4
EC 201 *Principles of Economics: Microeconomics4
EC 216 *Labor Markets: Economics of Gender, Race, and Work4
ESR 172 *Environmental Science: Chemical Perspectives4
FN 225Nutrition4
HE 242Stress and Human Health4
PSY 240 *Personal Awareness and Growth4
SOC 231 *Sociology of Health & Aging4

Dental Laboratory Technology Two-Year Certificate

Minimum 75 credits. Students must meet all certificate requirements.

Course of Study

The coursework listed below is required. The following is an example of a term-by-term breakdown.

First TermCredits
DT 101Dental Technology Lab I6
DT 120Dental Anatomy2
DT 151Science of Dental Materials I2
DT 141Denture Techniques I2
Second Term
DT 142Denture Techniques II2
DT 102Dental Technology Lab II6
HE 125First Aid & Industrial Safety3
DT 152Science of Dental Materials II3
Third Term
DT 103Dental Technology Lab III6
DT 271Partials, Immediate and Overdentures2
Any COMM course on General Education list4
Fourth Term
DT 204Dental Technology Lab IV6
DT 253Science of Dental Materials III2
DT 270Inlay Casting, Crown and Bridge3
DT 275Dental Laboratory Management2
Fifth Term
DT 205Dental Technology Lab V6
DT 254Science of Dental Materials IV2
DT 272Dental Ceramics3
DT 276Dental Laboratory Management Lab1
Sixth Term
DT 206ADental Technology Lab VI (Fabrication Ortho Appliances)3
DT 206BDental Technology Lab VII (CAD/CAM and Implant Restorations)3
DT 284Dental Specialties2
DT 286DT Registered Graduate Preparation1
DT 287Introduction to CAD/CAM Technology and Dental Implant System3
 Total Credits: 75

DT 101. Dental Technology Lab I. 6 Credits.

Initial skill development in the use and operation of dental laboratory equipment, the application of safety principles, and introduction to the fabrication process of complete removable dentures. Audit available.

DT 102. Dental Technology Lab II. 6 Credits.

Continues skill development in complete denture construction, articulation, reline, repair and rebase. Prerequisites: DT 101. Prerequisite/concurrent: DT 142, DT 152. Audit available.

DT 103. Dental Technology Lab III. 6 Credits.

Covers fabrication of partial dentures, immediate and overdentures. Prerequisites: DT 102. Prerequisite/concurrent: DT 271. Audit available.

DT 120. Dental Anatomy. 2 Credits.

Studies basic forms, structures and functions of teeth and their surrounding tissues. Audit available.

DT 141. Denture Techniques I. 2 Credits.

History and philosophy of complete removable dentures with an introduction to the construction process. Artificial tooth selection and setting procedures emphasized. Audit available.

DT 142. Denture Techniques II. 2 Credits.

Continues the study of denture construction. Includes the use of articulators, finishing procedures, reline, rebasing and repair techniques. Prerequisites: DT 141, DT 101, DT 151. Prerequisite/concurrent: DT 102, DT 152. Audit available.

DT 151. Science of Dental Materials I. 2 Credits.

Overview of materials used in dentistry such as gypsum products, waxes and impression materials. Audit available.

DT 152. Science of Dental Materials II. 3 Credits.

Introduces chemistry and physics, especially as they relate to dental materials. Measurement techniques and unit conversions are stressed. Audit available.

DT 204. Dental Technology Lab IV. 6 Credits.

Skill development in the processes and procedures associated with dental crown and bridge construction. Dental inlays included. Audit available.

DT 205. Dental Technology Lab V. 6 Credits.

The uses of porcelain and acrylic in crown and bridge construction with emphasis on color and form reproduction. Audit available.

DT 206A. Dental Technology Lab VI (Fabrication Ortho Appliances). 3 Credits.

Covers fabrication of removable and fixed orthodontic appliances. Prerequisites: DT 204 and DT 205. Prerequisite/concurrent: DT 284. Audit available.

DT 206B. Dental Technology Lab VII (CAD/CAM and Implant Restorations). 3 Credits.

Covers design and fabrication of fixed dental prosthodontics with CAD/CAM technology and fabrication of dental implant supported restorations. Prerequisites: DT 204 and DT 205. Prerequisite/concurrent: DT 287. Audit available.

DT 253. Science of Dental Materials III. 2 Credits.

Continued study of dental materials as related to cast metal alloys and crown and bridge construction. Audit available.

DT 254. Science of Dental Materials IV. 2 Credits.

Advanced study of dental materials including ceramics (porcelain) and high fusing metal alloys. Audit available.

DT 270. Inlay Casting, Crown and Bridge. 3 Credits.

Introduces crown and bridge construction processes and techniques including preparation and waxing of dies, investing, casting, and finishing. Principles also applied to dental inlays. Audit available.

DT 271. Partials, Immediate and Overdentures. 2 Credits.

Covers the study of philosophy, materials, design and fabrication processes of removable partial, immediate and overdentures. Prerequisites: DT 102, DT 142. Prerequisite/concurrent: DT 103. Audit available.

DT 272. Dental Ceramics. 3 Credits.

Study of dental ceramics (porcelain) including the philosophy, structure, properties, uses, and laboratory procedures associated with this material. Audit available.

DT 275. Dental Laboratory Management. 2 Credits.

Introduces management skills and responsibilities as well as the problems associated with dental laboratory ownership. Prerequisites: Must be accepted and registered in the Dental Laboratory Technology Program or instructor permission. Audit available.

DT 276. Dental Laboratory Management Lab. 1 Credit.

Computer-based exercises in techniques required for small business management. Audit available.

DT 284. Dental Specialties. 2 Credits.

Introduces dental specialties and advanced techniques that involve participation and skill of the dental lab technician. Audit available.

DT 286. DT Registered Graduate Preparation. 1 Credit.

Covers workplace preparation including professional ethics, organizations, opportunities, certification requirements and preparation for Registered Graduate (RG) testing through the National Board for Certification in Dental Laboratory Technology (NBC). Prerequisites: DT 270 and DT 272. Prerequisite/concurrent: DT 287.

DT 287. Introduction to CAD/CAM Technology and Dental Implant System. 3 Credits.

Introduces CAD/CAM technology, Dental Implant Systems and provides an overview of the oral care delivery system. Includes new emerging technology, products and procedures. Prerequisites: DT 270 and DT 272. Prerequisite/concurrent: DT 206A, DT 206B. Audit available.

DT 9406. Dental Technology Practicum. 1-5 Credit.

Covers all steps and procedures in the construction of dental replacements which may include cast metal crowns and bridges, the use of dental ceramics, and/or partial and full dentures. Audit available.